Connecting event drivers to important messages to make your event run better

Slide About: Race Control connect aims to keep event attendees connected to important information by sending relevant, timely messages, that are always within arms reach, and never lost.

Keeping your drivers in the loop more efficiently make your event:
We've all been to race events where we were not sure about what was happening on track.

Loudspeaker messages get drowned out by revving engines, helmets being on, mates talking or maybe we're not paying attention.

Schedules rarely ever run on time as there are inherent delays that just happen. Track issues, car issues, admin issues.
These things are out of any event's control.
Easier to manage
More enjoyable

More engaging
Less prone to accidents and issues

Slide How it works: Race Control and event staff use our custom built platform, designed for motorsport, to send messages
to a list of predefined drivers.
Driver specific messages are sent to their phone Publicly accessible bulletin board.
Designed to keep spectators + Pit crew and other non drivers up to date.

Based on the messages sent to the drivers & public info (like supplementary regs etc)

We can host this, or inject into your website.
*Group A Drivers* Please line up at the start grid to be on track at 9:30. Welcome to VicDrift Matsuri! Keep an eye on your messages as we will be sending you important information regarding your time on track and other things that might need your attention. Have a safe and fun time. *REMEMBER* to social distance where possible. *INFO* Drivers Briefing will now be 15 minutes late, happening at 8:45pm and happening in the main scrutinising area. All drivers must attend.

Slide Admin: Clear Race Control Connect 106 Drivers Single msg Edit VicDirft Matsuri 06/02/2021 radio_button_unchecked All Drivers Bulletin Board Group A Group B Group C radio_button_unchecked radio_button_unchecked radio_button_checked radio_button_unchecked Send to: *Group A Drivers*
Please line up at the start grid to be on track at 9:30.
*NOTE* 💦 Slight water on track at T2

Slide Planed Features: UpSell Event products / services Enable up-selling / cross-selling of event products and services (such as merchandise, passenger ride etc) Drift Competition battle tree automation Update teams / spectators of outcome of battles, and graduate drivers to new rounds. + Provide visuals of battle tree on bulletin board.

Message specific drivers to the start grid for battles, so you don't need to find them in the pits!
Rich Content We can push rich content & media to devices and bulletin boards.