“Its definitely going to push me more”

-World Champion Drift Pro Luke Fink

Drift analysis tool for the serious driver. 

  • Record highly accurate Drift data
  • Simple 20-minute install
  • Internal memory for 40+ hours of data
  • Drift analysis App DriftLab included
  • Made and Shipped from Melbourne Australia
  • Improve your Drifting significantly

Price $899 AUD (Includes Free Shipping)

Pro Pack

Includes Plugin/Wire power adapter, 5-hour external Battery AND 2x Antenna pads. Save Over $19


Slide Log
Log Drift data like no other device on the planet.
Get insights into your Drifting like never before.

Slide Rewatch and Analyse your run in incredible accuracy.

Analyse & improve. V8 not required.

Included FREE with Every DriftBit


Slide Simple
Checkout the Guide and video here So simple our girlfriends can do it.


Slide Only on : Compare Drift
Compare 2 Drift Runs for the ultimate analysis.
Maximise your on track time, and
improve quicker then that LS guy.

Slide local_shipping Shipped
Same Day
For Free
Orders are Shipped from Collingwood, Victoria Australia via AusPost.
Same day orders need to be received before 12:30 AEST Mon-Fri, or will be sent at the next best time.

The detailed stuff:

Frequently Asked Questions
Target Content

Whats in the box

In the basic DriftBit box, comes with everything you need to use DriftBit.

It includes

  • DriftBit Unit
  • 2 Pin Power cable (.5 m length)
  • 2x High precision, multiband GPS antennas – With magnet mount & 3M adhesion.
  • Shock mount foam

You will need a USB power source to power the DriftBit unit from. You can provide your own, like from your car’s USB port, or a battery pack. You can also buy our power options, or get the “Pro Pack” which includes all ov these.

Warranty Info

Your DriftBit product is covered by a 12-month manufacturing warranty. We will replace or repair your faulty unit. You are required to ship your faulty unit back to us for assessment and diagnostics. We will then return the unit back to you at our cost.

Do I need the Pro Pack?

The Pro Pack includes two options for you to power your DriftBit unit, which comes in very handy.

It also includes our Antenna Pads, which are required if your car has a carbon/fiberglass / composite roof. We recommend that you get one so you can be up and running with minimal headaches.

Install and User Guides

The guides can be found >>> HERE <<<