DriftBit + D1Nz Live Data


DriftBit +  D1nz Live data kit 

Exclusive for D1-Nz 2021 Competitors ONLY.

This kit contains everything you will need to run the DriftBit + Live data for D1Nz.


  • DriftBit device
  • Mounting hardware
  • Battery power supply
  • Plugin / Wire in power supply
  • 2x Antenna
  • All radio hardware (to integrate into D1nz 2021 progrqm)
  • Cables

The “kit” will be maintained for the 2021 season, which may include upgrading devices, which we will do at our cost.

We will provide support to all teams for the 2021 season via email + phone.

Drift analysis tool for the serious driver. 

  • Record highly accurate Drift data
  • Simple 20-minute install
  • Internal memory for 40+ hours of data
  • Drift analysis App DriftLab included
  • Made and Shipped from Melbourne Australia
  • Improve your Drifting significantly

Contact michael@battleist.com for any quesitons.

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Slide Log
Log Drift data like no other device on the planet.
Get insights into your Drifting like never before.

Slide Rewatch and Analyse your run in incredible accuracy.

Analyse & improve. V8 not required.

Included FREE with Every DriftBit


Slide Simple
Checkout the Guide and video here So simple our girlfriends can do it.


Slide Only on : Compare Drift
Compare 2 Drift Runs for the ultimate analysis.
Maximise your on track time, and
improve quicker then that LS guy.

Slide Shipped
Same Day
For Free
Orders are Shipped from Collingwood, Victoria Australia via AusPost.
Same day orders need to be received before 12:30 AEST Mon-Fri, or will be sent at the next best time.

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