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Slide What is Drift Data Live? Drifting has evolved. Its now more of a visual spectacle then ever before. The sport is evolving to have a more engaged and sophisticated audience. Having Live Drift Data adds another dimension to any competition in many ways.

Drift Data Live is a complete end to end system, that allows Drift data to be broadcast live from a competing drift car, and integrated into many systems, such as a live video broadcast or judging system.

Slide What does it look like? New Zealand's highest level Drifting Competition employs Battleist's Live Drift Data System.

Here you can see a battle in the top 8 in round 1 of their 2021 competition. This was broadcast live, in New Zealand and Australia.

The Drift Data Live system is driving the visuals at the bottom of the screen.

The System is fully customisable and can be integrated into any consumption platform.

Slide Can I see more? Here is a video captured via DJI Inspire drone at our test event. You can see the system showing correctly, zero angles where applicable(no drifting), correct speeds (in KPH) and proximity distance between the two vehicles.

Data is captured LIVE and processed LIVE by our receiver station, which is generating the overlay graphics.

The video is only edited to merge Drone (top down shot) and our visuals, and to time sync two sources. No other editing has been done. We can provide both the raw outputs of this video if you wish to do your own analysis.

Slide Help Drivers, Drive better. Not only is the Drift Data being transmitted live, and processed there, the Drift data is also being stored on the device for retrieval and analysis later by the driver and team. Having accurate, actionable Drift data means teams can perform better, putting on a better performance = Better Drifting event from all aspects.
What can it do? Having live Drift data opens a world of posibilities.

Visual Aid and Excitement Having a visual updating element on the screen gives the audience another element and insight on whats happening on track. Its makes the event more exciting.
Assist Judging and transparency Giving judges more data to base their decisions on means that the quality of their decisions is greatly improved. This gives credibility to the overall competition.

Slide Augmented reality. We're also working on building visuals to overlay and inject into "real" video. Such elements like a drifting line, or "ghost" runs over the top of real runs. What will it do in the future? We have big plans to add features to the system in the future.

Robot Judge We are building a Robot Judge that uses the accurate speed, line, angle and proximity data.
This judge can see and detect all aspects on track that may be lost to a human judge.
Best of all, the judging will be transparent, consistent, and have no bias.
The robot judge is currently in the works and based on feedback from current drift judges and industry.
3D Graphical rendering. We're working with a Drifting game developer to be able to re-create Drift runs in 3D. This will enable us to have an insight like never before. We can pause, and "fly through" in between cars, check proximity to clipping points etc.

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