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Slide Record Highly accurate Drift data.

Analyse it.

Significantly improve your Drifting ability.
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Slide Like a spotter that is never wrong.

Every lap, every transition, all recorded.
Ready for analysis.

Log Drift Data

Slide Analyze your Data Now you can discover exaclty where you can improve.

No guesswork requred.

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Slide Ryan Tureck
Formula Drift

Slide "In my personal opinion the Drift Bit is the wave of the future in drifting. With the Drift Bit there is only results and data that pushes you harder. " Donald Jackon / Pinku Style Japan
Niko Stefanov / Mobilgaz Racing Austria
nikostefanov Niko Stefanov "Hands down my favourite upgrade to my drift car. Now I can compare run after run and see where I can improve to make me the best drifter I can be."
"the driftbit is next level, being able to datalog your driving is a game changer! " Janson Heydon / Team 2J Australia
Team 2j Team 2j
"Driftbit is the most important and useful piece of Tech any driver could have to track and watch their own progress. " Yogi / Science of Drifting England
Science of Drift Science of Drift
" I most like is the instant feedback you get immediately after you finish every run. Having this information right on the spot helps me a lot in improving my driving skills. Now we have it, DriftBit is a must-have for everybody who is drifting and wants to skyrocket his/her skills." Rupert Guiltat / Team NRG drifting France
"Driftbit it's better tool for drifter to see how I ride and to help adjust the car in the right direction or not" Cliff Newman / G.A.D tires Australia
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