Nisssan S13 E-Lift


*Due to high demand there are only VERY limited numbers available. We will be restocking in the next few weeks so get yours now to avoid disappointment.

Lift your Drift car with a push of a button.
The ultimate Drift car accessory.
As used by Drift pros and grass-roots guys alike!
Easily change your wheels at the track.
Bolt in kit, only takes 15 minutes to fully install.

This is the 4 bolt diff cover type only.
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Lift your Drift car with a push of a button.

The ultimate Drift car accessory.
Easily change your wheels at the track.
Bolt in kit: only takes 10 minutes to fully install.

Suits s13 Silvia, 180sx, 240sx etc with a 4 bolt rear diff cover.

More info below.

Engineered to lift and lower your Drift car electronically, with a push of a button from its remote control. Lifting the rear of the chassis takes approx 35 seconds. This enables you to easily change your rear tires. E-Lift will lift the rear of your car only. 

The E-Lift is  water & dust resistant and is rated for 800kg lifting capacity. The lifting arm has a stroke of 220mm (22cm). E-Lift will lift your s13, 270mm: measured from the ground to the rear lowest part of your s13’s differential. To check if E-Lift will work for you – Jack your car and once your rear wheels are off the ground. If the height is lower then 270mm then E-Lift will work in your vehicle. Contact us if you have questions.

E-Lift is powered from your vehicle’s cigarette port or 12v power supply. No extra lines, wires, batteries are required. 

This  s13 specific E-Lift kit contains:

  • s13 specific electronic lifting actuator ( 800kg rated)
  • 3m of wiring (will reach the front of your s13)
  • Cigarette plug for easy powering & install.
  • s13 mounting brackets & hardware
  • E-Lift power regulator, wireless receiver box + electrical connectors.
  • E-Lift wireless remote x 2
  • Instruction & install guides
  • 12 month full replacement warranty if installed & used as per guides.

Everything u need to bolt in!


This kit is applicable to Nissan s13 Chassis with 4 bolt diff cover only– please see “Install” for more compatibility info. 

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 15 cm
Installed weight

3.5kg approx


Black / Silver

Install Time

15 minutes approx

Diff Cover/ Subframe

4 Bolt


E-Lift bolts to your s13 chassis on the back of the rear subframe.

Please checkout for install guides.

E-Lift’s s13 brackets use the factory diff cover attachment points.

This version of E-Lift will work  4 bolt S-Chassis subframes. If your s13 has a different subframe (custom) or a modified (extended) diff hat/cover, we can not guarantee that this E-Lift kit will suit. Ask us if unsure.

We are planning to develop E-Lift kits to suit most popular drift setups. Get in contact to discuss your drifting setup.

E-Lift was designed on a JDM spec, 1996,180sx sr20det. It is lowered on coilovers, with 18 inch wheels, and 235/40/18 tires. While we believe most s13 varients ( USDM 240sx) with a 2/4 bolt rear hat, will suit this E-Lift kit, we, however, can not guarantee correct installation as we have not installed in every s13 variants.

Check the “Compatibility Checklist” tab to check compatibility to your vehicle – Refunds may be possible but not guaranteed if this E-Lift kit will not bolt into your s13 – get in contact to discuss.

E-Lift comes with all wiring and an electronic box to power and control its electronic actuator. Minor electric instal is required. A detailed guide is included. You can either power E-Lift from your s13’s battery or from a switched 12v power source in your s13.

Use & Safety

E-Lift is for off-road, racetrack use only. A detailed install and usage guide is included in the E-Lift kit.

Please check for install and user guides.

E-Lift is designed for you to change your wheels, and not for you to perform any other tasks where you may be under or obstruct the vehicle in any way.  

There is an inherent danger with lifting vehicles using any lifting system. Please respect all risks, use your best judgement and always stay safety conscious. Never ever get under or partially under a vehicle supported by E-Lift or any other vehicle jack.

Always use correct safety equipment when working under your car in any circumstance.  Mis-use or incorrect installation of E-Lift may cause injury or death. Use at your own risk.

Please be safe!

Compatibility Checklist

Here is a checklist to determine that this E-Lift will work in your car.

  • Nissan s13 Chassis
  • s13 rear subframe to accept 4 bolt diff cover/hat
  • s13/s14/s15 R180/ R200 diff cover/hat 4 bolts.
  • 220mm from ground to bottom of your diff or less, to raise your wheels off the ground. Suits lowered cars with coilovers with minimal sag.
  • 12v power source (the car’s cigarette port or other power system in the car)

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