“Its definitely going to push me more”

-Luke Fink


Drift analysis tool for any serious driver. 

  • Record highly accurate Drift data
  • Simple 20-minute install
  • Internal memory for 40+ hours of data
  • Advanced Drift analysis App DriftLab included
  • Made and Shipped from Melbourne Australia
  • Improve your Drifting significantly

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Slide Formula Drift Icon Ryan Tuerck Runs DriftBit in his 2020 FD Corolla

Slide Power cable
2Pin to USB
1m Length
Shock resistant
mounting Foam
Whats in the box: 2x High precision Antenna
3m Cable length
Magnet + 3M adhesive
DriftBit v2b
Advanced Drift
Data Logger

Slide Custom
Laser Etching

Add-Ons: Additional
2x High precision Antenna
3m Cable length
Magnet + adhesive
Power Bank
10 hours use
Plug-in / Wire-In
12v to 5v
3 m cable length
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$25 aud $35 **FREE** Antenna Signal
self-adhesive pads

Add to Ordershopping_cart $15 aud Our rechargable Power Banks can keep your DriftBit powered for over 10 hours.
Perfect if your vehicle doesnt not have the ability to power DriftBit in other means.
These PowerBanks are ruggadised , and IP6 water
Our additional DriftBit antennas allow you to install in multiple cars, enabling you for quick "hot swapping" of DriftBit units. Our Plug-In / Wire-In USB ports allow you to power your DriftBit from your car's power source. They convert your cars 12v power to the DriftBits 5v power. They come with 3m of cable length. It is our prefered way of powering our DriftBits in our cars. We can custom etch the back of DriftBit. We can etch branding, or any other black and white image. We can also add text.

Customise a DriftBit for that perfect gift.
Our Antenna pads are used when mounting your DriftBit antennas on a non-metalic surface - like carbon or fiberglass body panels.
They are a self-adheasive aluminium square 50mmx 500mm. They can be cut to size to suit your application.
They will help your antennas get the best possible connection to overhead satellites.

Check our install guide for more info.

Slide Install & Usage
PDF & Video
From Melbourne, Aus
Whats also included Android & Ios


DriftBit can make you a better Drifter. Period.

  • Get the advantage over your competition.
  • Identify areas of improvement easily.
  • Remove guesswork, and improve quicker.
  • Pro Drivers to beginners can harness Drift data to improve.

Formula 1 has been using telemtry data for over 40 years. Why?

Teams use it to identify areas of improvement without guesswork so they can focus on beating the competition.

The data revolution is now here for Drifting and you can take advantage.

Slide Drifters around the world are using DriftBit to #Drift Harder

“I’ve already made small improvements”

-Australian Pro Drift Champ Luke Fink


How can DriftBit make me a better Drifter?

DriftBit logs Drift data unlike any other device. Its like a digital “Spotter” that is never wrong, or forgets, or has trouble seeing thats going on the track. 

When you data log Drifting you can see lots of interesting points – and use them to see where you can improve. Such as –

  • Identify WHERE and HOW FAST your entry is. Compare it to other drivers to see if yours is better or worse.
  • Identify your car’s DRIFT SPEED through corners. -this can show you if you need to tweak your car’s setup to get more or less grip!
  • Identify your driving line. See if your line can be improved to help tackle a course in the best way.
  • Identify your transition points and aggression. Everyone loves a stylish, snappy transition –  identify how yours is looking compared to others and dial in your driving and setup.

Overall – having quality Drift data opens up a world of possible analysis that just wasn’t possible before. Everyone from PRO level drivers to beginners can benefit form analysing their data. Other forms of motorsport such as F1 have been using data for over 20 years to help teams improve, now you can bring similar technology to your Drift driving to get the best performance possible.

Is DriftBit really only a 15 minute install?

Yes, generally DriftBit takes around 15 minutes to install.

Every car is different so we cant say exactly say for sure for your particular setup, but we’ve had units installed from 5 minutes, to around 30 minutes.

Checkout the install guide and video here.

What is the DriftLab app?

DriftLab is the worlds first, Drift data analysis mobile app.  Its awesome. 

DriftLab is our mobile app that syncs with your DriftBit, to sync data, and display it back to you for further analysis.

There are many cool features, such as the ability to compare your drift runs to yourself, and other drivers. 

DriftLab also has the ability to create “Segments” of tracks, so you can analse particular areas of tracks for more in depth comparisons. 

Simply log data with DriftBit, and sync with DriftLab to analyise your drift data. Boom.


You can download DriftLab for Android or iOs here.

What conditions does DriftBit work best in?

DriftBit is a GPS based product, and as such is effected by environmental conditions that effect all similar products. 

Tall buildings,  GPS overhead satellite coverage, trees, severe weather and the such – Anything that blocks a clear, uninterrupted view of the sky MAY cause Driftbit not to perform to its maximum capability. 

DriftBit being a motorsport product, is to be used at a racetrack – where we have never encountered any issues in its performance, however your local racetrack may have have different GPS enviromental conditions to ours. 

If your racetrack has a clear view of the sky, then your DriftBit should work without any issues.


Whats the difference from DriftBit to other telemetry apps like "RaceChrono"?

Firstly – DriftBit is a high end, duel GPS Drift data logger.  “Race Chrono” generally only uses your phones inbuilt GPS module to collect simple line/speed data. 
Your phones GPS module is generally accurate to around 10 meters. (Google it yourself) 10 meters of error is HUGE in motorsport. Times/ line/ speed might might be wildly incorrect.

DriftBit’s GPS modules (it has 2) are cutting edge, high end, and use high end antennas. Our data is generally accurate to LESS then 50cm. 

Also, “Race Chrono” does not do any sort of Drift angle data. Without seeing drift angle – and furthermore initiation points, tranisiton points, drift angle vs speed – Like we show in DriftLab,  “RaceChrono” is pretty pointless for any sort of Drifting analyis.

Can I change DriftBit into different cars / users?

Yes, absolutly. 

There are no restrictions to the vehicles or users that are teathered to a device. 

Drift teams / Drivers with multiple cars like to purachse additional antennas to make the swap even easier and faster. 
Addtional antennas can be bought here.

Is DriftBit Formula Drift & D1GP legal?

There are no rules against DriftBit’s use in any major Drifting competiton that we are aware of. 

In fact there are many Pro Formula Drift teams in the USA and Japan, and D1Gp teams using DriftBit currently in their Drift programs. 

Our Story

The team at Batttleist have been developing motorsport products since 2015, with a focus on Drifting, which has been our passion since we first saw Option Vidoes in the early 90’s.

DriftBit has been our core focus, with huge innovations in the way Drifting can now be measured. We’ve been backed and supported by the Australian federal government for leading innovation in Automotive telemetry.

We’re based in Melbourne, Victoria and proud to say that our design, engineering, and manufacturing are all local. So when you support Battleist, you’re supporting Aussie industry,  ingenuity and quality.

We know you’ll love your DriftBit as much as we loved bringing it to you.

Go Drift Harder! – Team Battleist.