DriftBit Spare Antenna 2x


Our high accuracy GPS antennas work specifically for the DriftBit v2 units.

Other GPS antennas wont work as ours utilise multiple bands ,multiple frequency, and  multiple GPS constellations.

These are sold at cost price to allow DriftBit users to “hot swap” their DriftBit units into multiple cars.

Please note* A DriftBit unit requires 2 antenna to function.

Antenna Pad

DriftBit antenna’s requires they’re placed on metal bodywork to function correctly. If your car uses carbon or fiberglass bonnet and boot, then you may need our Antenna pad for these to work properly. The pad is a metallic “tape” which you put on top of your panel, and then install the antenna on top of it. (Check install guide to see if your setup will need these)

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DriftBit antennas have 3 meter of cable, a high strength 3M Adhesive (removable) and also a high strength magnet in the base.

Please check the install guide for best install practise. Any questions - please contact us.