Here at Battlest – We’ve been capturing Drift data using our DriftBit technology for a few years. This tech is being developed to bring to the drifting community so drivers can digitally capture their drifting data, and use to improve their performance on track.

Through the years, we have captured A LOT of data in which we use to continually develop our product. Based in Australia, we’ve collected data from a heap of different drivers and tracks here: Winton raceway, Sydney Motorsport park, Simmons Plains, Campbellfield Circuit, and the such. Our test units have travelled the world and have captured data from Ebisu, FD Seattle, DriftLand UK, Nikko Circuit + many many more.

We’ve also been privileged to capture data abroad with some of the worlds BEST drivers and cars. Ryan Turek, Luke Fink, Jack Shannahan, Janye West, Jessie Streeter, Adam LZ, the list goes on and on.

The awesome thing about the technology we’ve built (and coming soon to you!) is that we can analyse this data, and get insights that have never been available to us before. Its groundbreaking tech for the drift world.

So we thought we’d analyse our massive data set, and bring you some of the best bits we think can help you drifters out there. Enjoy.

Data review with Ryan Tuerck

Drift Tendoku Magazine feature

Data review with Adam LZ

DriftLife Magazine feature


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