We’re gearing up to release DriftBit v2!

We’re holding a “Digital Showcase” to show the auto industry this new product and we’d love for you to come along.

In this showcase, you can expect to get exclusive content – information on DriftBit v2 that no one else yet knows. 

You’ll see all aspects of the product, from its design, capabilities, performance data capturing,  and our bespoke data UI!

The showcase is happening 22nd > 24th May 2020 AEST.

If you cant make those dates but would still like to participate, please email us :

Meet the team!

You’ll be able to chat live ( Via Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts) with :

Michael (Project lead)
Jeremy (UI)
Duncan (Hardware)
Katrina (Firmware) and
Daniel “Choppa” (Test Driver)

Throughout this showcase, we’ll be set aside a Q&A point at the end of each topic, so get those questions ready.

Check out the Data!

We’ll show you collected data from our testing events, and show you how it looks from our custom-built data viewer. Its set to revolutionize how Side-Spliggage data is represented back to the user.

No more having of sift through massive data arrays of arbitrary rows of data, and endless sheets of numbers needing to be crunched. Its all done for you…… and the experience is super fun.  

Topics we will be covering:

  • Device + attachments (Antenna) 
  • Whats inide
  • How the tech works
  • Device capabilities (BlueTooth + Gps + RTK+ memory etc
  • Vehicle install
  • Price
  • Distribution

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